Sandwich-panel construction in Argentina

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TRIDÔME INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CORP., a subsidiary of TRIDÔME GROUP, concluded a partnership agreement with a concrete sandwich-panel manufacturer, in 1995. Sandwich-panel technology has been recognized since the early 1980's as being the most efficient, rapid and economical of all the prefabricated housing products on the market. Both the products and the technology are used and have been homologated in a number of countries, such as France, Romania, Costa Rica, Argentina and Mexico.

The walls are composed of two lightweight concrete sandwich panels on metal (steel, aluminum, etc) or treated wood structure, incorporating polystyrene beads. The space between the panels is injected with hi-density polyurethane foam providing not only structural stability for single storey homes, but also a high level of thermal insulation.

One of the major advantages of this composite sandwich-panel is the fact that a 50-m2 home is constructed and ready for occupancy within one week. In addition, the homes offer the highest level of protection against seismic movements, hurricanes and tornadoes. These homes are even totally impervious to insects and troublesome vermin generally found in countries with hot weather.


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