IGA Sainte-Thérèse

Category: Grocery anchored centres

Construction of a new freestanding food store (27,000 sq.ft.) and a commercial center (11,760 sq.ft.). Rounded entry dome covered in metal siding. Lower level arcade in brick. Decorative brick exterior wall finish. Decorative brick exterior wall finish. Sprinklers throughout. Plumbing for all owner's equipments and appliances. Air conditioning, ventilation including heat recovery system, and refrigeration. "Under-slab" duct banks. Steel structure, 24 feet high, steel structure for dome, arcade and marquise. "Double-slab" for walk-in coolers. Interior and exterior metal halide type lighting. Connections to all owner's equipments. Main entry of 800 amp. Generator of 50 kV. This "new concept" food store was built with a very intense schedule and strict requirements for delivery of each phase. The project was delivered well within the time frame committed to.


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